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Wednesday, 16. December

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Coffee time with XTM

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Intro - welcome

Bob Willans

XTM International

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Bob Willans XTM International

Bob is CEO of XTM International Ltd which he co-founded in 2002. He graduated from Cambridge University and has had a varied career, working in South America and as a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. Building on his experience in the localization industry, he enjoys the varied challenges of growing the company and creating market-leading translation management software.

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Keynote: The Democratization of AI – The Intersection of Clouds and Gaming Consoles

Dr. Donald A. DePalma

CSA Research

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Dr. Donald A. DePalma CSA Research

As the original founder of CSA Research in 1999, Don DePalma has been instrumental in establishing the company as the preeminent market research firm in localization and globalization. He initiated CSA Research’s coverage of localization maturity, enterprise language processing, and machine translation. Prior to founding CSA Research, he co-founded Interbase Software, served as vice president of corporate strategy at Idiom Technologies, and was one of the first analysts at Forrester Research. While at Forrester, Don launched the firm's coverage of various sectors, including content management, digital marketing technologies, and knowledge management. Don holds a doctorate in linguistics from Brown University. His book, Business Without Borders, has been widely used in university and business training courses.

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Our journey to automate multilingual support content

Veronica DiMartino


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Veronica DiMartino Eventbrite

Veronica is a Senior Localization Program Manager at Eventbrite with many years of experience in managing a variety of localization initiatives across different teams in 11 languages. Veronica and her team were involved in the Global expansion efforts of Eventbrite and have built a sophisticated localization process from the ground up.

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Navigating the Intelligence Revolution in localization (MT, AI, technology, and data); when the music changes so does the dance

Dave Ruane • XTM International / Ken Behan • SYSTRAN Software / Konstantin Savenkov • Intento, Inc. / Johan Sporre • IKEA / Andrzej Zydroń • XTM International

Panel Discussion

Dave Ruane

Dave Ruane XTM International

Dave Ruane works as Digital Content and Partnership Manager at XTM International. He has been in the localization industry since the mid-nineties. Current interests include continuous localization, content marketing, and simplification in localization. He regularly speaks at industry events, and is co-founder of the Process Innovation Challenge; a platform for show-casing innovation in localization.

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Ken Behan SYSTRAN Software

Ken Behan is VP of Sales & Marketing for SYSTRAN Software Inc. responsible for defining and implementing the global growth strategy. With 22 years’ experience in the language intelligence industry he's considered a thought leader in Natural Language Processing having held several Senior Executive roles within the industry. A native of Ireland and also a serial entrepreneur as well as business mentor to several Irish Start-ups

Konstantin Savenkov

Konstantin Savenkov Intento, Inc.

Konstantin Savenkov is CEO of Intento, Inc. After earning a PhD in 2008, he led research and development efforts for online content services, then worked as CTO at Zvooq and as a chief operating officer at Bookmate. In 2016, he contributed his experience in artificial intelligence (AI), tech and operations to launch Intento, Inc., where they build tools to discover, evaluate and integrate best-of-breed MT and other cognitive AI services.

Johan Sporre

Johan Sporre IKEA

Johan is a motivated leader with a holistic view of business development in several He has acquired over 20 years of achievement formulating and advancing revenue-generating projects and led professional teams to execute innovative and sustainable resolutions. His dynamic skillset is ideal for establishing internal frameworks, devising business plans, systems control, workforce management, global expansion initiatives, and optimizing IT systems and support. In the last two years he has implemented machine translation, tools and processes to increase the capabilities of reuse and workflow automation, to better connect developers and linguists in Ingka group | IKEA Retail, Group Digital.

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Andrzej Zydroń XTM International

Andrzej is one of the leading IT experts on Localization and related Open Standards. Following a career creating localization systems for large enterprises, Andrzej was a co-founder of XTM International and now, as CTO, oversees the technical architecture and product strategy with a strong emphasis on usability and the security of XTM.

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Inter-Language Vector Space - "Magic becoming technology" in NLP AI

Rafał Jaworski

XTM International

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Rafał Jaworski XTM International

Rafał Jaworski, PhD, works as Linguistic AI Expert at XTM International. He is an academic lecturer and scientist specializing in natural language processing techniques. He develops robust AI algorithms for the needs of computer assisted translation. These include, among others, automatic lookup of linguistic resources and automatic post editing. At XTM International he leads a team of young and talented AI specialists who put his visions and ideas into practice.

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XTM Networking Event

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The Global Marketing Playbook - navigating through business critical decisions

Elizabeth Butters • XTM International / Erica Haims • Women in Localization

Women in Localization

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Elizabeth Butters XTM International

Elizabeth is a Business Development Manager at XTM International, based in Gerrards Cross, UK. She advises Language Service buyers/providers how to optimise their use of translation technology. She volunteers for Women in Localization, locally as the UK Sponsorship manager and globally in the Sponsorship Program. She organises and regularly attends localization networking events in London.

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Erica Haims Women in Localization

Erica Haims is a globalization content producer and marketer specializing in international operations. At Haims Consulting, she focuses on both the globalization of marketing and the marketing of the localization industry. After holding long-term marketing roles at Apple and Atlantic Records, she currently serves as 2020 Marketing Board Sponsor for Women in Localization.

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Intelligent Process Automation: how to build impactful global content at the speed of now!

Rory Sampair • XTM International / Alessandra Binazzi • ASICS Digital / Pascale Tremblay • Gap Inc.

Panel Discussion

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Rory Sampair XTM International

Rory Sampair, a Solutions Architect for XTM International, has over seven years’ experience in localization Project Management and Solutions Architecture coming from leading language service providers Sajan and AMPLEXOR. At XTM, Rory collaborates with clients throughout the onboarding process to formulate bespoke solutions for effectively attaining client goals and key performance indicators.

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Alessandra Binazzi ASICS Digital

Alessandra joins ASICS Digital as Director of Localization in 2017 with the mandate to build a localization function able to drive and support ASICS ambitious digital transformation. As a consultant, Alessandra developed programs tailored to organizations at all stages of a multilingual strategy. She received a BS in International Business from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Northeastern University in Boston.

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Pascale Tremblay Gap Inc.

Pascale Tremblay is Sr. Manager of Localization at Gap Inc. and leads all the localization efforts for technologies, digital and marketing. Her travels, adventures and love of languages brought Pascale to this field and she has been working in the localization industry for over 15 years and has gained a wealth of experience building localization programs for Retail, Solar and Technology. Pascale is passionate about process designs and experimentation and is always refining her programs to find the best possible solution. As an industry expert, she is an active member of the localization community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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XTM RoadMap

Sara Basile

XTM International

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Sara Basile XTM International

Sara Basile is the Product Manager at XTM International. She holds an MA in Technical Translation and Conference Interpreting and has been in the localization industry for almost 10 years as Project Manager, Linguist and Program Manager at global enterprises. After 3 years as XTM Administrator on client side, Sara joined XTM in March and will now work very closely with all XTM teams and customers to make sure XTM keeps its competitive edge through a successful roadmap.

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Client success story

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Wrap up

Bob Willans, Shamus Dermody

XTM International

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Bob Willans XTM International

Bob is CEO of XTM International Ltd which he co-founded in 2002. He graduated from Cambridge University and has had a varied career, working in South America and as a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry. Building on his experience in the localization industry, he enjoys the varied challenges of growing the company and creating market-leading translation management software.

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Shamus Dermody XTM International

Shamus has almost 20 years in the translation/localization industry, including a graduate diploma in localization from the University of Limerick and a key role in internationalization with Vivendi Universal. As Senior VP for Sales and Customer Success at XTM International his team ensures that customers generate the maximum benefit from their investment in an agile and versatile workflow system for translation

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Networking Happy Hour