The Guide to Localization Management Systems

According to a recent Gartner Digital Markets survey, nearly 66% of buyers think it is moderately or very important to read or access software provider websites in their primary language. To do so effectively, you need the right technology – a localization management system. Access this guide to learn:

  • How does a localization management system work?
  • What are the benefits of a localization management system?
  • How should you choose a localization management system?
  • Will a localization management system integrate with our systems?

What are the benefits of a next-generation localization management system?

By implementing XTM Cloud and harnessing its automation, customized workflows and connectors, we’ve been able to dramatically increase our output. We’re now producing ten times the volume of work than we were in… the mid-2010s.
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XTM’s technical support is fast and helpful. They always solved our issues efficiently. The tool is so simple and fast, accessible from any computer, a lot better than Trados and Smartling. It also increases my speed as a translator. I changed computer… once and was able to authorize the device and start translating there in seconds, which is very good!
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As a company which provides services to other brands, our service needs to be as efficient as possible. The improvements in localization quality and productivity brought about by the implementation of XTM Cloud were absolutely key.”
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