How to use AI to improve translation accuracy
in a regulated industry

May 22, 5.30 PM CEST – 11.30 AM EDT

Establishing an efficient localization process is paramount for organizations operating in regulated industries to access global markets and meet compliance requirements.

But how can life science companies overcome the challenge of achieving high-quality, error-free translations while decreasing their time-to-market?

During this roundtable session, you’ll be able to discuss with other industry peers how to:

  • Leverage trained MT to decrease turnaround times across your products, documents, and languages
  • Take advantage of the AI revolution while maintaining the standards required by medical regulations.
  • Implement effective automation to manage multiple translations simultaneously and accurately.

During the session, you’ll be joined by Alex Brown (Accuray) and Ben Schultz (Argos Multilingual), who will share how they have built a successful localization process and used trained MT to manage over 30 languages, save time, and improve translation quality.

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Our Special Guests

Alex Brown

With over 10+ years of experience in the language and localization industry, Alex deeply understands how to manage and enhance the localization process to maximize the deliverability of high-quality translations and provide information to global audience.

At Accuray, Alex and the localization team successfully manage the translation process for over 30 languages, ensuring they meet the standards required by medical regulations.

Ben Schultz

With over 20 years of experience in the localization and internationalization industry, Ben is an expert in providing solution development, strategic account management, business analysis, project management, quality control, terminology management, multilingual consulting, RFI/RFP response and strategy.

At Argos Multilingual, Ben works closely with clients to ensure the smooth execution and delivery of complex and large-scale localization projects, while adhering to ISO standards and best practices. 

Top 3 Reasons to Attend

Network With Enterprises Peers

Meet with other localizations experts, build  valuable connections and stay up to date with the latest best practices and innovative strategies.

Share Ideas and Knowledge

Discuss your challenges with other enterprise peers, exchange ideas, and hear how they have improved their localization processes.

Improve Your Localization Strategy

Refine your approach and incorporate proven strategies to enhance the overall effectiveness of your localization strategy.