Is a Translation Management System right for you?
In this quiz you will find out:
  • Do your localization needs warrant the purchase of a TMS?

  • Can your existing localization processes be more efficient with a TMS?

  • What is important to have in order to maintain brand tone and image?

Benefits of Having a Translation Management System
Centralize All Activity
A TMS is the centerpiece around which the whole localization ecosystem revolves around. It creates a single source of truth by centralizing all language assets, helping maintain your brand image across all markets, and allows everyone involved in the end-to-end process to work on the same platform.
Implement AI Technology
A TMS supports AI technology like neural machine translation (NMT), Generative AI, and other proprietary tools and features. Leveraging AI tools enables companies to automatically create human-like translations that require minimum input from linguists, which has now become a basic need to create a competitive advantage.
Eliminate Manual Tasks
Thanks to its advanced level of automation, a TMS greatly reduces manual tasks and makes the overall process much more efficient. This allows companies to lower costs, reduce turnaround times, and accelerate time-to-market.
Content Platform Integration
Connectivity is one of the most important features of a TMS. You can connect your content system or repository to a TMS for a seamless and efficient content-localization process, reducing project management tasks to just a few clicks.
Scale Up Without Delay
A scalable TMS allows you to future-proof your localization strategy and program. It allows you to add languages, users or output volume to your existing processes without affecting its speed and efficiency, or sending incremental costs spiraling upward.
All Your Data at a Glance
A TMS allows you to easily export real-time data reports for all projects, from performance statistics per language to comparative supplier costs. This enables you to have a clear overview of all localization activity at a glance and make smart, data-driven decisions to optimize your processes and spending.
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