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Build an agile technology stack with MACH-powered solutions to deliver a best-in-class digital experience to your global audiences.

What is the MACH Alliance?

The MACH Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that advocates for open technological connectivity, moving away from monolithic suites towards a technology stack of best-in-class, cloud-based software which creates a microservice architecture that empowers companies to enhance their efficiency.

Casper Rasmussen
Casper Rasmussen

If you are weighing up whether to buy or build, you need to ask yourself what is going to provide a better digital experience for your customers and give you a competitive advantage? Go MACH! A modular technology stack will give you the flexibility and scalability that you need to be able to adapt on the fly and remain competitive in a constantly changing digital landscape.

Casper Rasmussen

MACH Alliance President

Smart localization, the MACH way

With the growing need for more content and shorter time-to-market, integrating localization technology in any enterprise’s global content strategy has become vital. Therefore, smart MACH localization has now become a must-have for any company wishing to evolve its digital maturity, a notion that is reinforced with XTM being the first localization-technology certified member of the MACH Alliance. We are proud to be a member of the MACH Alliance, as we share the same principles of providing a better experience for our customers through best-in-class, connected technological solutions.

Supporting integrations with a wide range of content-authoring platforms, XTM now makes localization easier than ever before. Thanks to XTM’s seamless connectivity with best-in-class SaaS, cloud-based solutions, companies can now localize at scale more cost-efficiently and give their global audiences an enhanced digital experience.

MACH Principles

MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless, the four MACH principles needed to build a composable-tech architecture that allows you to adjust and deliver a first-class digital experience to your customers.

Applications built as independent, small, and loosely coupled services that perform specific functions. They communicate with each other through APIs, allowing for flexibility, scalability, and easier development, deployment, and maintenance of complex systems.
APIs are crucial in composable technology as they enable the seamless integration and interoperability of modular components. They provide standardized interfaces for connecting and interacting with different services, allowing for flexible composition and reusability of software components to build complex systems efficiently.
The deployment of cloud-native tools is crucial in composable technology because they provide the necessary flexibility, scalability, and interoperability to efficiently build, deploy, and manage composable applications and services in a distributed and dynamic cloud environment, accessible anytime, from anywhere.
Headless technology allows for easy integration, customization, and scalability across multiple channels and platforms. It empowers organizations to adapt rapidly to changing market needs and deliver seamless user experiences across various touchpoints without being restricted to operating through specific channels.
Ian Evans
Ian Evans

We’re very proud to be the company leading this segment of our industry in joining this body. We’ve built a company serving the translation needs of enterprises, and we see joining the MACH Alliance as an endorsement of our continued commitment to providing our customers with the best technology

Ian Evans


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