Simply manage due dates for all your tasks

With XTM you don't have to worry about missed deadlines. Set due dates for the whole project or for individual workflow steps in different languages. Then XTM will remind all the key people when a deadline is approaching or a task is overdue.

  • Simple but effective planning for your translation projects.
  • Manage complex localization projects with just a few clicks.

Intuitive localization workflows

Intuitive localization workflows
  • Build multiple workflows

    Use the predefined or custom workflow steps to easily create localization workflows with either consecutive or simultaneous tasks

  • Automate linguist allocation

    Create workflow templates that automatically assign linguists to workflow steps.

  • Manage by exception

    Eliminate repetitive tasks and only intervene when the project requires your attention to ensure it's delivered on time.

View project data in customizable dashboards

Display important information about your translation projects. Thanks to the clear charts, the data can be quickly analyzed for business intelligence, such as the spend with different language service providers or the number of words that have been translated during a period.

  • Group and sort your data

    to show important trends

  • Keep control of your budget

    by monitoring the graphs

  • Change the time frame of the graphs

    to focus on important periods

  • User definable custom fields can help you

    to analyze and compare data

View project data in customizable dashboards