Managing custom workflows

Managing custom workflows

The advanced, flexible workflow module in XTM, provides project managers with the ability to create custom steps, workflows and templates to suit even the most complex requirements.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Create workflow steps and definitions
  • Manage non-translatable file workflows
  • Customize workflows for specific target languages
  • Create and manage workflow templates
With a simple visual interface XTM workflows automate many traditionally manual processes reducing cost, throughput time and manual errors.


XTM offers the flexibility to customize the steps in a workflow at the project, file or target language levels. You can create new workflow definitions to select during project creation, or add or delete steps after the project has started. Likewise, the transition between steps is easily configurable to allow concurrent or sequential working. Repetitive tasks for project managers can be significantly reduced by using templates that contain all the project settings including automatically assigning linguists to steps.

Simultaneous collaboration

High-volume projects often require multiple resources working simultaneously to meet tight deadlines. XTM is well equipped to help: you can easily split files into bundles of segments that can be translated concurrently to reduce the time to market. In short, this video will show you how to create dynamic workflows to meet your demands.

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