Grow your global market with XTM Cloud

  • Multilingual product packages

    Multilingual product packages

    XTM Cloud is an advanced global translation management system that lets you localize all your marketing text in file formats such as InDesign, FrameMaker and xml into multiple target languages simultaneously. XTM is designed for collaboration, making it easy to work with your preferred partners.

  • Marketing content is continuously changing

    Marketing content is continuously changing

    Localize your website, brochures, documents and more into all languages with agility. Workflows and content can be updated during the translation project. XTM Cloud stores project data and translations in real-time, ensuring no data is lost. Proofread translated material in context using XTM Visual Editor to add your final touches and ensure all elements are correct.

  • Automate localization of your content

    Automate localization of your content

    Take advantage of XTM’s out of the box connectors for web content management systems, source control systems, cloud service solutions, or marketing automation solutions. The connectors will save time, reduce file management costs, cut down turnaround times and make localization simple.

Control your localization projects and costs in the award-winning Translation Management System

  • Never miss a deadline

    Never miss a deadline

    Set deadlines for each workflow step and for the project as a whole. Track translation progress, and re-assign linguists on the go in the XTM apps for iOS and Android. Say no to late deliveries, send automatic e-mail reminders, generate reports, track time spent on each file and do not let a single aspect of the project slip your attention.

  • Length under control

    Length under control

    Set length restrictions to ensure that there is no spill over from boxes and images. Prevent expensive reworking by ensuring that the length of translations are right first time. XTM Editor, the embedded translator workbench of XTM Cloud, displays the target length of the segment, as well as the translation length, so that translators are constantly aware whether translations fit the intended space.

  • Go global faster

    Go global faster

    Benefit from automated workflows, user groups and select the best subject matter specialists to ensure translation is delivered faster and more accurately. XTM allows you to track costs and time efficiently using easily configurable rate cards. Check cost estimates before launching projects and issue purchase orders directly from the interface to speed up cooperation with vendors.

Provide your team with the marketing tools they need

  • Powerful terminology

    Powerful terminology

    An indispensable part of performing translation is accurate and consistent terminology. XTM allows you to import, edit and export all of your multilingual glossaries and leave the limitations of Excel behind. Also, there is no need to manually create new terms in the termbase as the XTM terminology extraction feature will do it automatically, using sophisticated algorithms to save you valuable time.

  • Transcreate with alternative translations

    Transcreate with alternative translations

    Fuel the creativity of your translators by giving them a chance to express their proficiency with alternative translations of the same text. Let them add a rationale and even a back translation so that you can then choose the best, most appropriate tag line from the defined number of alternatives. This will ensure the translation is perfectly suited to drive your sales and marketing effort.

  • Track changes and collaborate better

    Track changes and collaborate better

    XTM has been designed with collaboration at its core. You can have multiple linguists working simultaneously on a single project or file. For short deadlines you can assign 2 or more users working on different steps at the same time. This allows translation and correction to take place together, ensuring no time is lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why transcreation and terminology features are important in a TMS?

    The strength of your message is reliant on the correct choice of wording identified with your brand and its values; tag lines need to be catchy and sound natural. Thus, choose the right TMS that is capable of meeting all your marketing requirements and will do more than you would expect from a translation management system.

  • Can I have XTM Cloud installed on my servers?

    Yes, when installing XTM on premise, we refer to it as XTM Suite. If this is what you need, please contact us so that we can help you specify the right system, together with the correct IT infrastructure.

  • How long does it take to install XTM Cloud?

    XTM Cloud requires no installation. XTM Cloud is ready to start importing users, language assets and creating projects within just a couple of seconds.

  • What are the costs?

    XTM is based on a concurrent licensing model, so you can share licenses across all your users and suppliers. Licenses are only taken up, when users are logged in to the system. When they have logged out, the licenses are then available for someone else to use. Please contact us and the team will help you determine the number of licenses you need. Our standard XTM Cloud price list is available here.

  • How can I learn how to use XTM?

    You can learn about XTM from many sources. We hold regular free webinars and there are tutorial videos on our website. Our professional training department can either provide live online training sessions or come to your offices for on premise training. The full XTM manual is available here. Contact to discuss how we can help you make the most of your investment in XTM.