XTM LIVE, the Translation Technology Summit, is a two-day event and a perfect opportunity for participants to network, strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones with insightful presentations given by localization professionals and practical training sessions led by XTM specialists. XTM LIVE is the perfect event to discover innovative solutions, share best practices, solve localization challenges and engage peers in open discussions.

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At XTM International, we believe that being one of the translation and localization industry leaders, it’s our duty to share our knowledge and experience. That’s why we have been frequent visitors, sponsors, and speakers at various events over the years, and the upcoming months are no exception! Meet XTM at the next event.


  • LQA Symposium 2019

    January 2019

    Zurich Marriott Hotel
    Zurich, Switzerland

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    Andrzej Zydroń, CTO at XTM International, is speaking at LQA Symposium 2019. Meet XTM on 30 January in Zurich and enjoy many other compelling conversations and presentations on the future of translation and localization industry.
  • Gala 2019 Munich

    24 - 27
    March 2019

    Westin Grand Munich
    Munich, Germany

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    XTM International is proud to be one of the sponsors of GALA (The Globalization and Localization Association) 2019, where language industry professionals share their knowledge and experience, drive innovation and discuss ideas.
  • LocWorld 40 Portugal

    11 - 13
    June 2019


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    LocWorld 40 is a recurring event dedicated to localization and translation that connects global enterprises from around the world. Meet XTM at one of the biggest industry conferences in Portugal and see how we can solve your localization challenges!