XTM LIVE, the Translation Technology Summit, is a two-day event and a perfect opportunity for participants to network, strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones with insightful presentations given by localization professionals and practical training sessions led by XTM specialists. XTM LIVE is the perfect event to discover innovative solutions, share best practices, solve localization challenges and engage peers in open discussions.

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At XTM International, we believe that being one of the translation and localization industry leaders, it’s our duty to share our knowledge and experience. That’s why we have been frequent visitors, sponsors, and speakers at various events over the years, and the upcoming months are no exception! Meet XTM at the next event.


  • Global Saké

    Global Saké

    September 2021

    Online event

    Meet the XTM team
    XTM International team will be attending Global Saké on September 2nd at 9-11 am PDT. The upcoming session will share expert insights into go-to-market strategy for emerging economies. Panelists will discuss market readiness, company readiness and product market fit, sharing real-life customer stories of expansion into emerging markets across Africa, SE Asia and Latin/South America.Global Saké’s PARLAmINT program is an interactive monthly event series focusing on the challenges inherent in global expansion, and the solutions that deliver it.