Release Notes

XTM Cloud v10.2


  • It is now possible to transfer files via the XTM Messenger.
  • There is a new type of user group called “Chat”.
  • It is now possible to choose chat participants from users assigned to the project including language service providers.
  • LQA project details and the evaluee are now recorded in the user record of the person who performed the evaluation.
  • There is a new LQA section listing evaluated projects under the list of user Tasks.
  • XTM notification emails for PMs, limited PMs and linguists have been redesigned and display more information.
  • Word count calculation for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages has been improved.
  • Upon request XTM can now be configured to improve the speed of matching when using particularly large translation memories.

XTM Project Manager

  • Custom fields are now immediately available in project listing and for use in Smart filters.
  • LQA results including the evaluee and evaluator are now visible from within the Project Editor.
  • It is now possible to filter projects by their completion date during the advanced search.

XTM Editor

  • The active segment in the XTM Editor is now clearer and more obvious.

XTM Connect

  • There is a new XTM connector for JIRA.
  • XTM Connect – Change Control API has been improved.
  • The XTM API has been extended with methods to create projects with custom fields, update projects details and return custom fields.
  • XTM Connect now supports Drupal 8.

MT integrations

  • Microsoft Translator now has the option to switch between DataMarket and Azure.