Release Notes

XTM Cloud v10.3


  • There is a new feature to send email notifications to users when a new chat is created or when a user has been added to an existing chat in the XTM Messenger.
  • There is a new segmentation method for projects with pre-processing.
  • It is now possible to import and export offline translation XLIFF files with font formatting.
  • 12 new languages have been added: Batak Toba, Chinese (Cantonese), Falam Chin, French (Congo), French (Senegal), Karen (Sgaw), Khana (Ogoni proper), Kunama (Western Eritrea), Luba-Lulua, Luganda, Scots (Ireland), Scots (UK).
  • It is now possible to specify the timeout for sessions.
  • There is a new feature to create projects in the XTM mobile app.
  • Users with a Limited PM role can now use the XTM mobile app.
  • Upon request XTM can now be configured to improve the speed of matching when using particularly large translation memories.

Translation quality

  • There is a new collective LQA report with the breakdown of errors for all project files available for download.
  • LSPs can now access LQA assessments of their work.
  • It is now possible to choose the requested project translation quality level and type of content for customers and projects when the connection with TAUS is enabled.
  • There is a new Neutral error severity option available for LQA.
  • A new extended LQA report with error types and segment details is now available for download from XTM.
  • There is a new option to subscribe to TAUS directly from the XTM user interface.

XTM Connect

  • There is a new XTM connector for WordPress.
  • There is a new XTM connector for Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • The AEM Connector has been improved to offer in-context review in the XTM Visual Editor.
  • It is now possible create and obtain custom fields for customers and users via the API.
  • There are new API methods to check customer language combinations and transfer project custom fields.

XTM Project Manager

  • There is a new feature to join files using DITA maps in the interface and through the API.
  • There is a new format for purchase orders.

XTM Editor

  • Segments that have a machine translation match are now distinguished with an MT code in the status column.
  • There are new keyboard shortcuts in XTM Visual Editor for moving to the next and previous incomplete segments, MT matched segments or segments with comments.

Machine Translation

  • XTM now supports the new, neural version of the Google machine translation engine.