Release Notes

XTM Cloud v10.4


  • A custom chat can be created with any existing users. Switching the view between users assigned to the project or all is now possible; a new tab has been added with linguists divided into language groups.
  • There is a new feature to replicate specified source segments so that all the different forms of a plural noun can be typed into a different target segment.
  • There is a new feature to generate HTML and PDF previews of joined files.
  • It is now possible to translate hyperlinks from common Microsoft Office file formats.
  • Users with a Limited PM role can now access LQA results of projects evaluated for customers they are assigned to.
  • XTM now verifies login credentials to the TAUS account.

XTM Project Manager

  • It is now possible to generate custom POs that can include cost breakdown into individual languages and workflow steps.
  • Project Managers can now set project filters as public or private.
  • There is a new option to use the Dummy user for cost generation feature with LSPs.

XTM Editor

  • There is a new feature hiding repeated segments when the percentage of repetitions in the file is greater than specified during the project creation. A new segment filter called ‘All segments except repeats’ has been added to hide or show repeats in the XTM Editor.
  • XTM Visual Editor can now display previews of entire documents that include all required DITA map and topic files in the project.
  • There is a new shortcut in the XTM Visual Editor to finish a workflow step for the file currently open.

XTM Mobile App for iOS and Android

  • New graphics and icons have been created.
  • There is a new My Account tab available.
  • The app now includes project metrics, estimates and costs.
  • It is now possible to find customer & vendor addresses in map applications.

XTM Connect

  • XTM Connect – Change Control for GIT can now use SSH key authentication.
  • It is now possible to create projects with joined files using the API.