Release Notes

XTM Cloud v10.5


  • XTM Messenger can now display the users’ avatar in the chat window.
  • A tooltip displaying the list of chat participants has been added to the XTM Messenger window.
  • If configured, XTM can now send data to TAUS DQF, even for users who do not have their own TAUS account. If they sign up for TAUS later, they can access all the collected data.
  • Term extraction, decoration and concordance have been improved for Japanese.

XTM Project Manager

  • It is now possible to import user nicknames when importing users to XTM from an Excel file.
  • There is a new icon on the project list actions page to download the most recently generated report about projects.

XTM Engine

  • For XLIFF source files that have been machine translated offline, the MT matches can now be imported.
  • XLIFF files generated by SDL WorldServer are now supported as source files by XTM and can be imported together with their translation memory matches and details.
  • XTM now supports the International Components for Unicode (ICU) message format for JSON source files. This includes tag replacement with inline elements and multiple noun plural forms.
  • It is now possible to process SVGZ source files.

XTM Editor

  • XML files can now be displayed in the Visual Editor and as an interactive preview in the standard editor, in a similar way to source code editors such as Notepad++.

XTM Mobile

  • The app now includes project metrics.
  • Translation progress is now displayed under Projects > Workflow.
  • It is now possible to add new users.

XTM Connect

  • There is a new XTM connector for Zendesk.
  • A new REST API has been developed with methods to support basic XTM functionality. Additional methods will be added in the future.

XTM Portal

  • There is now a new version of XTM Portal to allow unregistered customers to create and pay online for projects in XTM. It has a greatly improved interface where the content can be easily updated by users.