Release Notes

XTM Cloud v11.2

XTM Project Manager

  • It is now possible to start a batch of projects with specified target languages.
  • It is now possible to penalize TM matches when the match is from a language variant. The setting can be enabled during project creation and can be saved in project templates.


  • An Xbench package can now be downloaded from XTM Editor to enable offline QA checks in this third-party tool.
  • There are new options to determine when to send email notifications.
  • It is now possible to extract candidate terms from source files for 41 more languages.
  • In-house linguists can now download previews, target files or XLIFFs from archived projects without having to activate the projects.

XTM Editor

  • Terms can now be specified as forbidden to prevent their use in translation. Forbidden terms are highlighted in red in XTM Editor and can be found using a new, dedicated QA check.

XTM Portal

  • Users logged into XTM Portal can now view a list of their translation projects and either delete the project or download the target files.

XTM Connect

  • XTM Connect for WordPress has been certified for security and compliance with the WPML standards in the Go-Global Program.
  • Regular expressions can now be used to specify source repositories of the content for translation in XTM Connect – Change Control.
  • XTM Connect – Change Control for Git can now recognize when a previously translated file has been modified. In such case, new translations will not replace the manually modified files, and the newly created target files will be renamed to prevent version conflicts.
  • There is a new method in the REST API to cancel a project.