Release Notes

XTM Cloud v11.4


  • When translating iOS source files, it is now possible to replicate specified source segments and type all the different forms of a plural noun into a different target segment.
  • There are new options to control the visibility of project descriptions, reference IDs and custom fields by linguists and LSPs. Also, it is possible to control the visibility of customer names or nicknames when using subcontracting.
  • A new side bar has been introduced, that provides a quick access to the help and information resources, such as the user manual, XTM Knowledge Base, XTM Community or the list of upcoming webinars.
  • There is a new QA check for source terms without an equivalent target term.

XTM Project Manager

  • There is a new advanced project search filter that finds projects based on purchase order numbers issued to vendors.
  • It is now possible to set up a default configuration template for purchase orders.
  • There is a new Costs and metrics report available called Metrics, custom fields included.

XTM Engine

  • XTM Cloud performance has been optimized for larger installations.

Machine translation

  • There is a new machine translation engine available in XTM: Amazon Translate.
  • Google Translate machine translation engine now includes inline elements in the suggested translations.

XTM Connect

  • There are new methods to obtain LQA Extended Table reports using XTM SOAP and REST APIs.
  • XTM Connect for WordPress now supports The WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML) 4.0.
  • XTM Connect – Change control for Git:
    • Source files taken from one repository can be delivered to a different repository after translation.
    • When a copy is created of a branch, only files that differ between the original branch and the copy are taken for translation.