Release Notes

XTM Cloud v11.7


  • The Project Delivery Dates report can be generated in two different formats.

XTM Mobile

  • The XTM Mobile app has been optimized to offer better navigation and user experience on Android tablets and iPads.

MT Integrations

  • Yandex Machine Translation: MT matches can now be applied offline to exported XLIFF files.

XTM Editor

  • A new QA option has been introduced to verify the order of inline tags in the target segment against the source segment.

Project Manager

  • There is a new option on the Task tab to filter and sort the list of active tasks assigned to the user or to a user group.
  • It is now possible to search for more than one project by specifying multiple project names in the simple and advanced search fields.
  • The user record for linguists now shows a summary of their finished tasks with the number of words they have processed.


  • A new REST method is available to generate specific target files within a project based on the file name.
  • There are new project-related XTM REST API methods to:
    • obtain custom fields,
    • obtain project custom fields.
  • There are new cost-related XTM REST API methods to obtain linguist rate cards.
  • Statistics can now be generated for a specified date range showing data for different match levels per linguist and project. Available for continuous projects but not yet subcontracted projects.

XTM Connect

  • XTM Connect for Google Sheets settings can now be exported, imported, and shared between stakeholders.
  • Configuration buckets for XTM Connect – Change Control for Git can now be edited in XTM UI.
  • A new integration with IXIASOFT CMS is available.

XTM Portal

  • Users can now log into XTM Portal with a Single Sign-On authentication method.