Release Notes

XTM Cloud v12.8


  • The user interface and performance of Filter templates have been enhanced. Users can now also configure custom variables.
  • Malay (Jawi) has been added as a new language to XTM.

Project Management

  • Administrators can now choose a new metrics calculation method for optimized TM leverage results.
  • PDF export capabilities have been extended. A back translation column can now be added to the extended table.
  • The new Manage project section encompasses managing workflow for many projects at once and includes:
    • Setting workflow start, workflow finish and delivery due dates
    • defining due dates or overwriting existing due dates
    • assigning PMs
  • A new icon notifies Project managers if the target files cannot be generated.


  • A new REST API method enables downloading source file(s) for a project.
  • It is now possible to remove a target language via a new API method.
  • The REST API has been enhanced with a method to define callback authorization credentials for each XTM integration.
  • Language combinations assigned to a specific customer can now be obtained via a new REST API method.
  • Metric files for a specific job or an entire project can now be downloaded via the REST API.

XTM Workbench

  • A brand-new grammar checker feature has been added to the QA profile.
  • In-context translation in XTM Visual mode is now also available for MS Word files and PDF files.
  • XTM can now handle language variants supported in the TermWeb terminology engine.
  • Terms in XTM Workbench are now highlighted in bold and blue more clearly.


  • XTM now supports Unicode emoticons in the bilingual terminology extraction and in the Aligner.
  • The Bilingual Term Extraction feature has been improved and now includes:
    • Rendering term in canonical nominative form if possible
    • Elimination of inappropriate candidate terms
    • Extensive reworking of compound nouns for Dutch, German, Danish and Swedish


  • Systran MT output can now be dynamically enhanced by high fuzzy matches coming from the translation memory.
  • A wide range of languages available in the DeepL machine translation engine has been added to XTM. Added languages include Czech, Bulgarian, Danish, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish.

 Translation Memory Manager

  • Users can now choose to maintain the leading and trailing whitespaces while importing a translation memory file in the Translation Memory Manager.