Release Notes

XTM Cloud v13.0


  • XTM Cloud administrators can now configure filter templates for PowerPoint files.
  • The Edit Distance Calculation has been improved to provide more accurate results in Chinese, Japanese, and Thai.
  • Importing user details from outside of XTM Cloud is now much more effective, as the Excel user import template has been extended to cover all options available in the user editor on the UI.
  • Administrators can now turn the Weighted Word Count functionality on or off at system configuration level in XTM Cloud.

Project Management

  • There is a new Project Editor Field called “Invoice Status” that provides project managers with better control over the financial aspects of projects originating in XTM Portal.
  • The user filter popup has been redesigned to improve user experience.

File processing

  • The generation of Adobe Illustrator target files is now much smoother, as the background validation process can now accept a different order of inline tags.
  • XTM Cloud Administrators can now define advanced status mapping options for project XLIFF files used in an offline editor.


  • There are new REST API methods to
    • Delete Customers
    • Edit Customers
    • Obtain customer details.
  • The REST API method to generate a TM file has been extended to support the option to include both approved and not approved TM units at the same time.
  • The REST API has been enhanced to support pre-processing. The method to obtain projects and project templates now provides the information about pre-processing in the response. The method to create projects now also supports the option to include a pre-processing workflow.

XTM Workbench

  • XTM Workbench users now have a better user experience when interacting with the popup window that shows spelling suggestions. It is also possible to show spelling suggestions via a new custom shortcut.
  • XTM Workbench users can now distinguish user comments from auto-generated comments through new dedicated icons.
  • The option in the docked panel to edit the TM entry using the target segment has been redesigned to improve usability.


  • The NLP-driven Weighted Token Levenshtein algorithm for calculating metrics has been enhanced to account for segments that differ only by proper nouns.
  • The NLP-driven Weighted Token Levenshtein algorithm for calculating metrics has been enhanced to provide up to 25% improved TM leverage with segments differing only by the order of words.
  • The automatic placement of inline tags in XTM Workbench has been refined and now leverages the latest XTM NLP advancements in deep translation analysis powered by MFTA (Multi-Faceted Translation Analysis)

Translation Memory Management

  • XTM Cloud administrators can now define TM overwrite settings that are specific for segments with a segment ID.