Release Notes

XTM Cloud v9.1 – November 21, 2015


  • It is now possible to configure XTM to display custom segment meta data in additional columns in XTM Editor.
  • If custom meta data is configured there is a new segment filter to find segments with specific meta data.
  • When in read only mode in XTM Editor it is now possible to view the term meta data in a mouse-over.

XTM Engine

  • Improvements to the .resx file filter.
  • XTM now supports DITA 1.3.
  • The integration with Adobe InDesign Server has been improved making it a configurable option for XTM Cloud and XTM Suite systems.


  • The XTM Connect SDK now includes methods to allow the import and export of terminology.

XTM Aligner

  • The XTM Aligner now produces two files:
    • All the segments
    • Only the segments with greater than 90% of accuracy.

Project manager

  • It is now possible to create a penalty profile for multiple leveraged or ICE matches in a segment.
  • There is a new access option for users to restrict their access to only their own projects.
  • There is a new action in the project context menu to finish all workflows.
  • There is a new action in the project context menu for a closed project to reopen all files for all languages.
  • The settings for MT matches are now also available on the Customer, Project and Template level.
  • The option to mark an ICE matched segment as locked is now available on the customer, project and template level.
  • XTM Support can configure the project listing to display a custom fields column.


  • There are improvements to how XTM Portal handles projects from returning customers.