Release Notes

XTM Cloud v9.2 – February 14, 2016


  • The XTM terminology module has been rewritten to provide a more modern flexible layout and accommodate additional new fields
  • The following new fields have been added to a term
    • Part of speech
    • Term type
    • Gender
    • Geography
    • The name of the project in which the term was created
    • Notes
  • The Term Manager search functionality has been extended and enhanced
  • User rights have been enhanced so that some users can now only suggest a term change
  • There is now an option to stem terms according to the term language
  • There is now an option to set up a watched folder for terminology to automatically import TBX files.
  • There is a new option in project creation to allow or disallow not approved terms from being used in a project

XTM Connect

  • There are improvements to the ClayTablet integration
  • The REST API has been extended to include
    • Add a due-date, reference id, description when creating a project
    • Using the pivot language feature
    • Updating project files

Machine Translation

  • OnelinerMT has been integrated into XTM
  • It is now possible to process a file from end to end entirely automatically using project templates and MT
  • It is now possible to configure XTM so that updated translations are not sent to MS MT hub

XTM Editor

  • Users can group segment filters together. These groups are given a name and can be selected from within XTM Editor.
  • There is a now a possibility to download reference materials from the preview icon in XTM Editor
  • Statistics are now calculated correctly if segments are merged and the match type changes.
  • Segment filters have been improved to allow AND or OR
  • There is now an option to hide task metrics from linguists

XTM Engine

  • XTM now supports mqxliff files.
  • The performance of the process to decorate terminology during file analysis has been improved.
  • Improvements to the RESX filter

XTM Align

  • When using the alignment tool it is now possible to upload zipped source & target files.
  • Various improvements to XTM Align alignment algorithms and in-memory dictionary size during processing.


  • LDAP configuration is now available to XTM Cloud customers.


  • Many alert pop up messages have been changed to use the XTM standard pop up