Release Notes

XTM Cloud v9 – September 9, 2015

Project Manager

  • A customisable dashboard for project managers has been introduced to display a management overview.
  • Rate cards for linguists and LSPs now include an option for a rate per hour and a premium for rush jobs. POs can be generated from these figures.
  • The time spent on a task can be recorded in 4 ways:
    • Project managers can enter an agreed time before the translation
    • Project managers can manually enter the time after the translation
    • Linguists can manually enter time after the translation in MyInbox
    • XTM can automatically log the time spent by the linguist
  • A time column has been added to all costs and metrics reports
  • It is now possible to receive an email when a project has not been created for a particular customer within a specified time period.
  • A pre-processing step can now be introduced in the workflow. This allows users to correct the source content, lock segments or to create a pivot language.
  • It is now possible to create user definable custom fields for projects, which can then be used in searches.

XTM Connect

    • The link between XTM and XTRF has been enhanced so that delivery services in XTM creates an XTRF workflow step.
    • A new call back has been added to the web service API that can be activated when the project analysis has finished and as each task in the workflow has finished.
    • It is now possible to search concordance via the Web Service API within the TM of all customers.
    • When using XTM Bridge, it is now possible to set whether XTM should generate the target files as soon as a language is complete or only when all languages are complete.

XTM Engine

  • XTM now converts pdfs that contain text to MS Word documents so that formatting is retained.
  • euroscript’s machine translation system has now been integrated into XTM and can be used during project analysis or in XTM Editor.
  • The integration with AsiaOnline MT has been improved.

XTM Editor

    • There is a new translation environment for XML and HTML files that enable the user to translate in WYSIWYG mode.
    • MyInbox has been enhanced so that
      • The customer nickname can now be displayed
      • Data from project custom fields can now be displayed in the i icon pop up.
      • The total words and progress is now displayed for each file and as a total of all items in MyInbox
    • The time taken by a linguist can now be stored and made available in statistics. It can be calculated automatically for each segment or entered manually by the linguist for a task.
  • It is now possible to generate previews of Photoshop files and it is no longer necessary to refresh the layers in Photoshop when generating the target file.
  • The “track changes” way of displaying the differences between source and fuzzy source has been applied to the corrector comments.

Terminology manager

  • The terminology extraction module has been optimised for German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.

TM Manager

  • It is now possible to align previously unaligned texts in XTM. Upload source and target files and download the corresponding Excel file of the TM.


  • The XTM Interface has been localized into German and the localizations for Japanese, Polish and Canadian French have been updated.