Release Notes


Version 2.5.0 November 5, 2021

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.7

Performance and functionality

  • Performed a series of internal improvements aimed at enhancing performance and overall stability of the connector
  • Fixed a problem with preview links pointing to the wrong Marketo asset
  • Fixed a problem with cancelled Marketo jobs still showing as active

User experience

  • The overall automatic import process and the re-download option now work more reliably

Version 2.4.0 May 5, 2021

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.7

  • XTM Connect – Marketo has been updated to integrate with the new Marketo Engage

Version 2.3.0 April 11, 2021

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.7

  • Users of XTM Connect – Marketo can now have access to XTM project templates: global or customer-only templates, depending on the configuration.

Version 2.2.0 July 13, 2020

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.4

  • With the XTM Marketo connector it is now possible to send to XTM different assets under the same Marketo program at once, resulting in fewer clicks.

Version 2.1.0 April 5, 2020

XTM Cloud min. version: 12.3

  • The XTM Marketo connector now allows users to choose a specific XTM project template directly from Marketo.

Version 1.0 March 4, 2018

XTM Cloud min. version: 11

  • There is a new XTM connector for Marketo.