Release Notes

XTM Cloud v12.9


  • The overall XTM Cloud system architecture has been enhanced to provide better performance. Users will notice a new login URL when accessing XTM Cloud.
  • It is now possible to speed up the translation process and cut costs by setting up filter templates on MS Word files (docx).

Project Management

  • Project Managers now have the option to disable finishing tasks unless all segments are complete.
  • The min/max due date shown on the Project list page is now no longer based on project delivery due dates.
  • The following languages have been added to XTM Cloud:
    • Krio
    • Hindi (Latin script)
    • Hausa (Latin script)
    • Herero
    • Nyanja
    • Rukiga
    • Runyoro
    • Oshiwambo
    • Mixtepec Mixtec
    • Hausa Ajami (RTL)
    • Hindi (Thoda English) – (Latin script)
    • Venda
    • Inari
    • Skolt
    • Ga
    • French (Algeria)
  • Automatic workflow steps can be configured so that they don’t leave any “SYSTEM” record in the “Modified by” metadata field of the respective TM unit.
  • Project managers now have the option to assign a default linguist to every step in a project.
  • Project managers now have more flexibility when filtering projects thanks to the new Workflow status multi-select dropdown in the Advanced search.
  • Project managers can now easily identify which languages have the status finished/not finished in the new Manage Projects section


  • It is now possible to find projects based on the project name. It is also possible to decide if a project should be created or not if a project with the same name already exists.
  • It is now possible to retrieve the internal project IDs from projects assigned to LSPs.
  • A new REST API method to define or change the workflow step due dates has been added.
  • The statistics calculation has been improved and the EDC category can now be returned via REST API aggregated on job level.

XTM Workbench

  • To improve the overall user experience, the tooltips in XTM Workbench now contain information about available shortcuts.
  • New shortcuts have been added to facilitate faster and more convenient navigation in XTM Workbench.


  • The monolingual term extraction is now able to score the most relevant terms on top
  • New dictionaries for over 70 language combinations were introduced in XTM Cloud.
  • The anonymization feature now leverages improved NLP tokenization.
  • When ignoring terms from the Customer’s terminology, the bilingual terminology extraction feature is now more accurate when the term appears in inflected form in the source input document.


  • XTM Cloud now integrates with SAP Translation Hub, a machine translation service developed by SAP.
  • Inline tag support has been introduced for projects connected to the SmartMATE MT engine.
  • Following languages, supported by Google MT, can now be processed in XTM:
    • Turkmen (Turkmen Turkic or Turkmen Turkish)
    • Kinyarwanda
    • Tatar
    • Uyghur
    • Odia (Oriya)
  • The integration to the DeepL machine translation engine has been updated to support Danish as a target language.