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Leverage visual context to improve your localization process without changing your code.

Rigi is a powerful tool that provides dynamic visual previews of software UI that make linguists, reviewers, and developers’ lives easier, without any additional coding.

Why use Rigi?

Instant clarity, without additional effort
Rigi offers dynamic visual previews, without any development effort needed, providing linguists with the context they need and reducing translation errors by 50%.
Empowering linguists to work independently
Anticipate up to a 70% decrease in translator inquiries and up to 90% reduction in the effort needed from your development team to facilitate translation support.
Up-to-date and localized documentation
Effortlessly generate multilingual screenshots for documentation, saving up to 95% of time when compared to traditional manual methods.
Chris Evans

Responding to linguists questions went from two days of work per iteration to only two questions in total.”

Chris Evans

Senior Developer, Degreed

Benefits of Rigi

Rigi empowers you to streamline your localization process, separating it from your development effort. This results in up to 95% greater efficiency for your linguists, project managers, developers, and technical writers.

  • Minimize Time Spent on Linguist Queries: Rigi eliminates the need to spend time addressing linguists’ questions. Through dynamic visual previews, both the source and translation become exceptionally clear, reducing ambiguity and cutting down on queries by up to 70%.

  • Accelerate Agile Development: Rigi’s streamlined translation process accelerates your localization process while enabling software development to remain agile. Make localization and development two parallel flows without making any changes to your code.

  • Multi-Platform Support: Whether you create with web applications, embedded software, hybrid mobile apps, or WPF, Rigi has you covered and will instantly provide dynamic previews for your linguists without requiring any involvement from your development team.

  • Automate Development: Rigi’s API enables the automation of source and target file exchanges, to connect HTML previews to automated UI testing, and enjoy a hassle-free, automated localization workflow, reducing manual efforts and ensuring consistency.

Top Features

Rigi offers direct visual feedback to the in-country reviewer with index-based screen captures. These previews are created during the setup of the project. Right from the start of your project this valuable context is available for every team member. Developers do not waste their time on making screenshots and manually associate them with the strings. The context is already there to use for QA, without any extra effort.

Because your Rigi-project is living in the cloud, all resources are available to everyone in your team. Both your direct colleagues and contracted in-country reviewers. Create and assign review-tasks on the fly within Rigi. Review packs can consist of only one updated page to entire projects, and everything in between. You decide. And because Rigi has no limit on users, even in the Basic Plan, you can engage your entire international network to finish the task.

Within Rigi’s dashboard, issue reporting is as easy as it can be. Reviewers can just click in the screen capture to highlight a string and report it as not being correct. A tester can suggest a better translation and provide QA metrics. Click to save and off to the next task, preview by preview! With our smart monitoring tools, reviewers are always informed about the progress of the task at hand.

The importance of LQA in localization is gaining weight every week. Rigi offers support for all common and emerging processes. For measuring and evaluating both human and machine translations the quality assessment frameworks DQF and MQM can easily be integrated in your localization project.

Managing localization is a complex process, that can stir a lot of stress without the right tools. Since team members from different disciplines, different companies and even different countries are involved, the project manager needs to be sharp at all times. Rigi has your back by delivering a 360-degree solution that gives you complete control over every aspect of the job.

With the source files you get from your development team, you can setup the entire project in Rigi. When importing your files, you can choose the right parser for you file format and define fine grained target rules. You can even do a pre-translation if you start with an active project that has some translations already done.

When you know your application well enough, you can capture previews just by clicking around. Make sure you visit every corner of your application. If your developers run automated UI-tests, ask them to connect it to Rigi. This way your project gets populated with previews automatically overnight. The previews are dynamic, ready to be used for easy contextual translation and reviewing.

Rigi puts everything you need to get localization work done in one place. Assign translation tasks or review task from your dashboard. Define tasks by adding an entire project or just a few updated strings with previews and assign them to a team member. Review tasks can easily be assigned by adding an email-address of your in-country reviewers. All tasks are done in the Rigi cloud. No additional software is needed.

You decide when the translations are ready to go. With the dynamic contextual previews, and the wide range of key performance indicators in your Rigi Dashboard, there is no doubt whether you’re finished or not. With real time insight of important KPI’s, you can think of coverage reports to check which parts of your application have been captured, or language test reports to evaluate the quality of the process. You only release the translations when yóu are satisfied. Developers generate and deploy the language files without any hassle. DevOps will love you!


memoQ is a translation management system for freelancers and development organizations, offering interactive HTML previews for UI text localization. Rigi integration simplifies setup and enhances translation accuracy, reducing QA issues and costs. Supports memoQ 9.0 and higher.

The Rigi connector for Trados Studio integrates Rigi’s features into Trados Studio. It supports WYSIWYG translation and in-country review comments, streamlining the localization process. Supported Trados Studio versions: 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2021.

Passolo is a visual software localization tool for translating user interfaces. Rigi integration enhances quality with dynamic previews. The Rigi connector for Passolo offers an integrated solution editor for project managers to manage translation jobs and review tasks.

Maryla Obszarski

With Rigi, everyone is in control. Localization can keep up with the pace of development. We can now ship new features to the market in all languages faster than ever.

Maryla Obszarski

Localization Manager, LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions

See Rigi in action

Our dedicated webinar was a great opportunity to see Rigi live and understand how it can revolutionize your localization process.

Watch this webinar on demand to learn more about XTM’s acquisition of Rigi. Ian Evans, CEO of XTM, and Henk Boxma, CEO and Founder of Rigi, shared more information about the acquisition and their vision for the future. Plus, see a brief demonstration of the power of XTM + Rigi.

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