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XTM Cloud is the ultimate solution for all localization needs, no matter your role. With its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface, XTM Cloud offers a tailored solution that meets the diverse needs of the entire global content industry. Plus, it enables all teams and departments within an organization to use the same tool, ensuring assets and processes are centralized.

Localization Managers
Give you and your team time back by letting your TMS automate project-management tasks, keeping you updated in real time.
Grow your business globally at scale by engaging existing markets more effectively and reaching new markets efficiently.
Remove the pain of translating your marketing campaigns and website with full automation and integrations with your favorite tools.
Translators and In-Country Reviewers
Leverage all your language assets and work on a centralized platform with other linguists for maximum productivity, quality, and efficiency.
Get your product or app localized in time for launch without compromising on quality, enabling successful global product adoption.
Product Managers
Ensure successful product releases in multiple languages by integrating XTM Cloud with your product tools and leveraging continuous localization.
Technical Writers
Streamline your translation workflows, leverage centralized terminology bases and translation memories, and collaborate seamlessly with other teams for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Project Managers
Manage all your translation projects simultaneously with XTM Cloud, with full control and visibility over all your projects, linguist performance, and costs.
Finance and Compliance
Take control of your spending by keeping track of translation vendors and their performance in real time, ensuring they meet your requirements.
Customer Support
Provide customer support in all languages, and increase your efficiency levels by powering your chatbots with the latest AI technology to answer queries accurately and in a timely manner.
Engage effectively with your global employees, and ensure that your communications and documentation are accurate and compliant in every language.
Ensure that your legal documents are accurately translated in every language with customized QA and review steps, and protect their confidentiality with XTM Cloud’s built-in security measures.
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