The complete localization management solution for your product development workflow

  • Connect with your source repository

    Connect with your source repository

    Automate localization by establishing a two way connection with your version control systems. Pull content for translation from Git or Microsoft Team Foundation Server according to your predefined schedules and automatically returning translated text. Enjoy the effortless localization workflow.

  • TMS for software localization

    TMS for software localization

    XTM has been developed with software localization in mind. It includes powerful software translation tools, such as: support for po source files and continuous localization projects, built-in analysis templates, ID-based matching, displaying string meta data and a WYSIWYG Editor.

  • Effortless, continuous localization

    Effortless, continuous localization

    Translate your product as a single, continuous project. Update source files with the latest version to localize newly added strings into multiple languages. Continue translation as your software development progresses, and streamline your localization workflow to reduce the management effort.

Efficient localization management for cost optimization and fast localization

  • Full control, centralized assets

    Full control, centralized assets

    Keep full control of your centralized language assets. Build translation memories and terminology from all your projects as they progress. Propagate TM updates in real time to all translators involved in the project to improve consistency and avoid repeating mistakes.

  • Flexible project management

    Flexible project management

    Split projects into as many bundles as you need. It takes a single click to divide a high volume project between several translators and reviewers. By begining the correction phase before the translation is finished, you can reduce the turnaround time, and achieve full success without compromise.

  • Continuous quality and in-context testing

    Continuous quality and in-context testing

    Continuous localization projects can save you a lot of management effort in a sprint-oriented, agile localization workflow. Review translations in the XTM WYSIWYG Editor and perform regular linguistic quality assessments to help streamline complex translation processes.

Continuous software localization in XTM

  • Create/update code

    Create/update code
  • Pull files from repository

    Pull files from repository
  • Extract translatable code

    Extract translatable code
  • Translate in XTM

    Translate in XTM
  • Reintegrate files

    Reintegrate files
  • Deliver translated files to repository

    Deliver translated files to repository

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file types can I translate using XTM?

    • Microsoft Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xlsm)
    • Open Office (sxw, odt, ods, odp)
    • Adobe FrameMaker (mif)
    • Adobe InDesign (idml, indd, indb)
    • Adobe Photoshop (psd)
    • Adobe Illustrator (fxg, svg)
    • PDF (converts file to Word)
    • txt
    • rtf
    • ini
    • xlf, xliff
    • MemoQ (mqxliff)
    • Trados Studio (sdlxliff)
    • Trados (ttx)
    • Wordfast (txml)
    • xml
    • php
    • html, htm xhtml, xht shtml, shtm
    • Microsoft Visio (vdx)
    • Java property files
    • JSON
    • DITA
    • po, pot
    • yml, yaml
    • asp, aspx, ascx
    • resx, resw
    • rc
    • iOS apps (strings)
    • Android apps (xml)
    • sdf
    • Document template (tpl)
    • svg
    • SubRip text (srt)
    • SalesForce (stf)
    • Digia QT (ts)

  • How can I save using XTM?

    XTM helps you reduce costs in all aspects of the localization process; leverage translation memories to decrease the volume of text for translation, dramatically reduce the amount of re-work thanks to in-context review & quality assessment features, reduce manual tasks & email overload, automate the connection with content repositories, determine the most suitable & cost-effective translation vendors and track trends using dashboards. All these benefits and more come in a unified, reliable TMS & CAT environment untroubled by incompatibility issues.

  • Can I have XTM Cloud installed on my servers?

    Yes, when installing XTM on premise, we refer to it as XTM Suite. If this is required please contact us so that the team can specify the correct IT infrastructure you will need.