Streamline your in-country review process with XTM Cloud

Streamline your in-country review process with XTM Cloud

The aim of linguistic quality assessment (LQA) is to pre-empt errors before the translation process is complete.

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Learn how to:

  • Add an LQA review to any workflow
  • Perform arbitration between the linguist and the reviewer
  • Export reports (LQA and corrector changes)
  • Review user scores
Translation management systems such as XTM offer LQA as part of the in-country review, increasing its accuracy and efficiency.

Reviewer as part of TMS

Reviewers are often an integral part of the standard workflow in XTM. As their role is fully configurable they can be added to a specific user group, perform certain tasks, work with certain language combinations, or have access to selected customers.

Meaningful performance feedback

LQA is XTM’s built-in translation quality scoring system, providing a detailed picture of the quality delivered by a linguist. It’s highly customizable so you can monitor key error types, their severity and weight. XTM can then track a linguist’s performance in the area of quality and punctuality across projects. The results of each LQA are available in the LQA report per target language, while a report of all changes made by the corrector are displayed by clicking the Open corrector changes window.

Collaboration at the core

Communication between linguists and reviewers is easy within the XTM’s workflow. Both parties can either use the built-in chat feature or send the translation back and forth until they come up with a flawless final version. Comments and error types provided by in-country reviewers eliminate the guesswork from the translator’s job.

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