Connect XTM to the TAUS DQF for better insights, savings and decision making

  • Higher productivity

    Higher productivity

    Track the productivity of your linguists and compare the results against industry averages. Benefit from the insights, improve the planning of your localization projects and make more informed decisions. Identify productivity bottlenecks and overcome them with training or new tools for your localization team.

  • A new level of quality

    A new level of quality

    Evaluate the quality of your translations with the Dynamic Quality Framework audited by an independent organization and recognized by international enterprises from various sectors. Analyze the reports to find the best translation providers or continuously develop the accuracy of your internal team.

  • Efficient Machine translation

    Efficient Machine translation

    Deploy machine translation and post editing for high volume documentation projects. Run comparative MT tests to choose which MT best suits your needs. Keep an eye on the performance of the process, increase the throughput and reduce translation costs with the most effective MT engine.

Upgrade your quality localization strategy with a powerful Translation Management System

  • Provide linguists with professional localization tools

    Provide linguists with professional localization tools

    XTM lets you design your localization workflow and reduce costs through the use of translation memory and machine translation. With advanced terminology, concordance and QA verification in place, linguists can produce correct, consistent translations that are stored centrally for re-use.

  • Translate and leverage all your content in one online tool

    Translate and leverage all your content in one online tool

    XTM processes source files in more than 60 formats which makes it a versatile online platform for translation of documentation, spreadsheets, presentations, Adobe files, PDFs, websites, software and games. XTM Workbench, an online CAT tool, offers WYSIWYG previews, LQA tests and transcreation options for more efficient, linguist-friendly translation.

  • Automate your workflow to translate more and save time

    Automate your workflow to translate more and save time

    With <> for leading CMSs such as Drupal, AEM or Sitecore, XTM can automate the process of sending and receiving content for localization. Optimizing Localization Process Automation means your teams can focus on key tasks and deliver more translations in a shorter time. XTM leverages Intelligent Automation to increase your translation throughput and complete time-sensitive projects on time and within budget.


XTM Cloud LQA and TAUS DQF - the industry benchmark for quality translation

XTM LQA process is a separate workflow step whose results can be analyzed and benchmarked in the TAUS Data Quality Framework. A reviewer scores translation by specifying error type, severity and weight. This data is immediately sent to TAUS DQF for analysis. Project managers can then gain insights on their vendors’ performance and benchmark them against industry standards. Integrate XTM with TAUS DQF and benchmark the quality of your translations systematically.

All translation analytics easily available in one integrated business solution.

Standardized approach
Common evaluation methods and benchmarking to ensure quality translation.

Smart business intelligence
Real-time, customizable analytics to turn translation data into usable insights.

Track Quality and Productivity