Term extraction

Creating a glossary is the first step in localization of a complex project into multiple languages. When linguists are provided with an extensive glossary, they can follow approved, client terminology, to deliver accurate and consistent translations.

  • Extraction

    Use the automated terminology selection feature to list source terms.

  • Translation

    Translate terminology offline in Excel or add term translations online.

  • Import

    Import translated terminology into XTM. It will be applied to projects.

Term recognition

  • Automatic recognition

    Quickly identify terms with translations

    Automatic recognition
  • New terms

    Add new terms straight from the editor

    New terms
  • Existing terms

    Use approved term translations

    Existing terms
  • Updating terms

    Update term translations when necessary

    Updating terms
  • Terms without translation

    Translate terms

    Terms without translation
  • Red terms

    Do not use translations provided for rejected terms

    Red terms

Terminology management

Smart terminology

  • Always up-to-date

    Updated term translations are immediately visible in the editor.

  • All terminology in one place

    There is only one version of terminology that is always up-to-date for all languages.

  • Simple term approval process

    Terms can be added with different approval statuses, which simplifies term use and management.

  • Term concepts

    Term concepts help to understand highly specialized terms and can include a picture and a description.