The New XTM Workbench

The New XTM Workbench

XTM Workbench is the new best-of-breed translation technology that improves linguists’ productivity.

Video highlights

Learn how to:

  • Switch between XTM Editor and the new XTM Workbench
  • Navigate between segments smoothly
  • Translate more content quickly
Designed to be flexible, intuitive and user-friendly, the all-new workbench helps you translate faster with confidence.

XTM Workbench or XTM Editor - it’s up to you

XTM users have the freedom to choose which environment they prefer to use. While XTM Editor is the default setting, project managers can now enable users to switch to XTM Workbench even if a project is already in progress.

New look, new level of user-friendliness

User testing has shown that XTM Workbench is immediately familiar to professional linguists. They gain a friendly environment with optimized screen space. A new top menu and context menus provides access to the extensive functionality, while the segment metadata is now displayed in a resizable bottom panel.

Quality translation

With XTM Workbench, translators gain faster turnaround times without compromising quality. Users can run QA checks on currently displayed, active or all segments. In addition, a new draft status has been introduced to mark segments requiring additional attention.

Productive translation environment

XTM Workbench offers an ultra-productive translation environment for translating, editing and reviewing texts. The latest release speeds up translation thanks to the automatic propagation of repetitions, find-and-replace across multiple files and continuous scrolling. Linguists can see at a glance the progress of their work with the status bar at the bottom of the page.

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