XTM Visual Editor

Translate and review texts in context. Changes you make are instantly visible on the screen.

  • Editable text

    Click the text to translate it.

  • Matches and comments

    See how it looks in the final layout

  • Source text

    Placed intuitively in the text editing area

  • Visual context

    Lets you see the translations in with all the graphics

  • Toolbar

    Convenient for quick access

  • Translation

    Efficient text editing layout

XTM Visual Editor

XTM Standard Editor

Translate in an intuitive and easy to use CAT environment.

  • Comments

    Right underneath segments

  • Recognized terminology

    Terms highlighted in blue

    Recognized terminology
  • Left toolbar

    Quick access to important settings

    Left toolbar
  • Concordance

    A powerful & intuitive translation aid

  • Status column

    Clearly indicates TM status

    Status column
  • Right toolbar

    Contains segment options

    Right toolbar
  • Concordance options

    Offer greater efficiency

    Concordance options
  • Term recognition window

    Show the translation of terms

    Term recognition window

Images in segments

Deliver accurate translations thanks to images displayed next to segments.

  • Picture thumbnails

    Picture thumbnails provide additional, non-textual context information. The thumbnails are displayed in an extra column and correspond to specific segments.

    Picture thumbnails
  • Picture previews

    Pictures gain extra clarity when they are displayed in a higher resolution. Objects in the pictures become easily recognizable but do not divert attention from the translation.

    Picture previews
  • Maximized mode

    The maximized size view simplifies finding details in pictures. The context provided by this view can be crucial to correctly localize technical diagrams or CAD drawings presented in the exploded mode.

    Maximized mode