Translation Memory

Decrease localization costs drastically and improve translations’ consistency

TM at the core

Translation memory is at the core of cost-effective translation management. TM stores combined source and target texts. When a previously translated sentence or a similar one is encountered in a new text, the TM returns a match.

Translation Memory at the core

Use alignment for cost savings

Align legacy source documents with their translated versions to build a rich translation memory that will cut your localization costs even by half.

  • 1. Align

    Align two documents automatically to create a translation memory.

  • 2. Apply

    Apply translation memory to leverage matches and reduce costs.

Use alignment for cost savings

Metrics – comprehensive summary of work to do

Automatically calculated project metrics provide an overview of project work that needs to be done.

  • Detailed figures

    Check detailed metrics to find out how much cost, time and effort it will take to complete a project.

    Detailed figures
  • Transparent charts

    See metrics’ charts to get an instant, clear view of project matches and progress.

    Transparent charts

Cost estimates – Control your budget

Use cost estimates to control the spend on localization and stay within the budget. Cost estimates can help you choose the vendor and plan your budget for challenging, global localization projects.

Cost estimates – Control your budget