XTM Translation Platform

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Empower your translation workflow with XTM’s translation platform. Discover our solutions for vendor and business management, translation management, and dynamic previews for software localization.

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Are you facing these challenges? We can help.

Translating more with the same amount of resources
Guaranteeing translation quality and ensuring the right terms are being used
Managing translation vendors and finances efficiently, including invoices and workload
Providing linguists the context and clarity needed to create accurate translations
Accessing a single source of truth, with centralized assets making it easy to find what you need
Reusing as much previously translated content as possible

Meet the XTM Translation Platform

Put an end to disconnected, inaccurate, and inefficient translation processes. With the XTM Translation Platform, you can easily deploy your content in any language, at any time, while maintaining full visibility, accuracy, and control. Plus, with XTM Connect, you can connect XTM Translation Platform to your favorite tool(s) – like AEM, WordPress, HubSpot, and more – so you can manage all of your localization projects from a single interface.


Vendor and Business Management Solution

  • Automate project creation and workflows

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of vendors

  • Automate vendor selection

  • Generate invoices effortlessly

  • Track payments efficiently

XTM Cloud

Translation Management System

  • Automate and fully customize your workflows

  • Leverage proprietary AI features

  • Benefit from comprehensive TM and terminology modules

  • Ensure quality with built-in LQA and QA tools

  • Use your favorite tools

Rigi by XTM

Dynamic Previews for Software Localization

  • Simplify and streamline software localization with dynamic visual previews

  • Enhance user experience with translated screenshots

  • Ensure translation independence from product development

XTM Translation Platform Success Stories

Here’s how we’ve helped companies all around the world achieve ROI.

XTM Cloud Case Study

Processed more than 5,700 projects, translated 18 million words in 37 languages, and saved more than $1 million annually.

XTRF Case Study

Saved 80 hours per month with financial automation, efficiency gains with integration to XTM Cloud TMS, and automated project creation.

Rigi Case Study

Achieved 4x faster time to market by leveraging Rigi’s built-in online editor perform in-context translations.

Are you ready to empower your translation workflow with XTM?