Import, create and edit Terminology in XTM

Import, create and edit Terminology in XTM

If you already have a list of terms or a glossary you can import them into XTM Cloud for use with new projects. You do that in the Import tab. First select the customer locate the terminology file decide whether you want to add duplicate terms to the existing concepts or tag imported terms. Then simply click import. An entry will be created in the Import history and the imported terms will display in the Manage tab after the import is complete.

You can decide to delete terms from a specific import file here. At any point you can export your terminology using the export tab. Search for the terms using the filter options and search criteria. Choose the export file type extra fields you wish to include in the export and then click the Export button. The Manage tab allows you to review and edit your terminology.

Enter the criteria for searching at the top of the page. Start with selecting the customer. Review the list of found terms on the left. Selecting a term in the list displays its details on the right. The concept provides the term definition and allows you to view an image In this area you can add as many translations of a term in other languages as you need.

You can also add a new term, Delete the found terms, or perform an export of the found terms. Click on the cog icon to customise the Search, Concept and Term areas of the window. You can decide which fields you want to display and how they are arranged. If you need additional fields for your terms, then you can create them as an administrator in Configuration, Data.

The Concept of terms can be linked together to create related terms by clicking on this icon. As you are translating in the Editor, terms will be highlighted in blue and a pop-up menu will show the preferred translation and full details of the term. You can add a term directly to the Termbase without leaving the Editor. Simply highlight the term, right click on it, and select Terminology, Add term from the context menu. XTM International develops XTM, an award-winning online Translation Management System with a CAT tool , available via the cloud or on your own servers. The centrally shared TM, terminology, workflow and translator workbench are all accessed via a browser.

XTM is cost effective, easy to use, includes filters for all common file types and is built for collaboration. Our global customers range include some of the world’s largest LSPs and enterprises.