TM tagging and penalty profiles

TM tagging and penalty profiles

The tags and TM penalty profiles are set up in the Configuration area. Tags are associated in tag groups, and you can use tag groups and tags to highlight different attributes or domains within your TM. For example, you might want to create a tag group Hardware for an IT manufacturer, and then create tags that differentiate this further, such as PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. Penalty profiles allow users to apply translation memories to a project in a specific order. Using our example, if you are translating a manual about a tablet you might want to do the principal matching against the translation memory that has been tagged as Tablets but also apply Hardware PCs and Hardware laptops but ignore Hardware Smartphones.

It is quite simple to create a penalty profile to accomplish that. To create it, you simply define the search criteria for the TM and then define the match penalty, activate it, decide whether to Sum penalties or Select highest penalty, and save the profile. There are three options for the match penalty: Remove a match — the translation memory match will not be shown to the translator, Set a penalty percentage — the TM match will be downgraded by the percentage that you have set or Downgrade ICE matches to leveraged matches. When you are creating a new project, and you have previously set up tags in Configuration, a new tags section will appear at the bottom of the page. To apply a penalty profile select it from the dropdown list.

Any translation memory in the XTM database that matches the criteria in the penalty profile will be penalized, and the modified match suggestions will be shown in the XTM Editor. Then set the tags for this project. Any new translation memory created during translation of the project will have these tags added. In this example, this fuzzy match was penalized by three percent. sales support. XTM International develops XTM, an award-winning online Translation Management System ( TMS ) with a CAT tool integrated, available via the cloud or on your own servers. The centrally shared TM, terminology, workflow and translator workbench (CAT tool) are all accessed via a browser.

XTM has become the platform of choice for many global enterprises, LSPs and freelancers around the world, providing the ultimate all-in-one translation solution.