Translate in XTM Editor

Translate in XTM Editor

As a linguist, when you are assigned a task you will receive a notification e-mail. Log-in into XTM and you will see the task in My Inbox. You can view the details of the task including the total words and the progress you have made. Click the task to open XTM Editor. Your text is split into segments for translation. Source segments are displayed in the left column. The translated text is entered in the right column. In the settings menu you can choose if you want the source text to display in the translation column or have empty fields and how many segments to display on one page. The status of your segments is displayed in the narrow right column.

Statuses are color coded. Red status means translation work needs to be done here, orange means that a match has been obtained from a Translation Memory and should be reviewed, and Green means ICE matches or completed segments. You can filter segments by their match type, comments or simply by the status color. Start translating by entering texts into the right column either directly or by selecting a TM match. The available matches are shown below the segment. Clicking on a match displays detailed information about it. Clicking on the tick or using the keyboard shortcut enters the text to the target. Any in-context exact matches are automatically inserted into the target and approved. For leveraged matches obtained from the translation memory, all you have to do is check it.

If the project manager selected to use machine translation, you will see an MT suggestion for any unmatched segments. Inline elements which typically represent style tags, links or font changes in your original file must be accounted for in the translated segments. Alt + number is the way to do this or you can drag and drop them from the source text. Your translation is automatically confirmed when you move to the next segment. It will be automatically checked for quality, added to your translation memory database and be available for reuse in this and future projects.
XTM has dictionaries for 120 languages built in, and spelling mistakes are highlighted in yellow with suggestions available from the context menu. Any errors detected by the QA checks will be automatically flagged. As you are working you can use many useful functions such as find and replace to modify phrases in your file. You can also add a comment to a segment.

The word calculation is available to you in the metrics window which shows the progress in the translation of the file. And you can preview the translated text should you wish. When you have finished your translation work, click on the Finish task icon at the top of the Editor next to the file name. If you are working with other users, they will be notified, and the project will be automatically pushed to the next step in the workflow. XTM International develops XTM, an award-winning online Translation Management System with a CAT tool , available via the cloud or on your own servers. The centrally shared TM, terminology, workflow and translator workbench are all accessed via a browser.

XTM is cost effective, easy to use, includes filters for all common file types and is built for collaboration. Our global customers range include some of the world’s largest LSPs and enterprises.