Flexibility and configurability to suit everyone

XTM’s unique level of configurability and customization make it the translation management system of choice for a variety of use cases.

Whether you’re looking to localize your website into different languages, create marketing campaigns that resonate locally for all your global markets, or better manage your vendors, XTM Cloud can help.

Use cases
Website Localization
Centralize and organize all website content, making it easier to track and manage translation progress, and ensuring consistent terminology and style throughout the website, especially in version control and updates.
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Use cases
Translation Management
Centralize your translation projects and assets while enabling efficient collaboration among translators, reviewers, and project managers.
Use cases
Marketing Campaign Localization
Create better multilingual marketing content more efficiently. Enable marketers to effectively collaborate with translators and copywriters, assign translation tasks, track progress, and maintain version control, ensuring timely delivery of translated campaign assets.
Use cases
Product Localization
Land in new global markets more easily by translating your product information into multiple languages in just a few clicks and with your MT engine of choice. Ensure accurate and consistent translation of specifications, features, and usage instructions to meet product regulations for every country.
Use cases
Project Automation
Streamline localization processes by automating repetitive tasks using fully customizable workflows: reduce manual effort, and improve project visibility.
Use cases
Games Localization
Adapt your video games culturally and linguistically for the whole world, enhancing player experience and maximizing your market potential.
Use cases
Translation Memory Management
Ensure translators can fully leverage existing translations to ensure consistency, produce high-quality content, reduce costs, and accelerate the translation process.
Use cases
Terminology Management
Efficiently create and manage highly detailed terminology databases, ensuring consistency, reducing errors, and improving translation quality.
Use cases
Access a centralized platform where translators, reviewers, and project stakeholders can communicate, exchange feedback, and address queries.
Use cases
Quality Assurance
Ensure high-quality translations with quality assurance features paired with linguistic quality assurance, ensuring you can track vendor performance and punctuality.
Use cases
Reporting and Analytics
Make data-driven decisions with reports and analytics on translation projects, including project costs, translation volumes, productivity metrics, and more.
Use cases
Neural Machine Translation
Integrate NMT engines into your TMS and deliver more natural, human-like MT than ever before, improving overall translation quality and consistency while reducing time and effort.
Use cases
Vendor Management
Gain full visibility of your vendor activity, and track expenses associated with each project. Optimize vendor selection based on cost-effectiveness and performance, leading to better budget control.
Use cases
Continuous Localization
Keep your global content always fresh and up to date with agile workflows and a connected localization ecosystem that enables you to publish changes to your multilingual content as and when you need to.
Use cases
Connect your content-authoring system to your TMS and benefit from seamless, automated workflows that will enable you to select, localize, and receive translated content ready for publishing in just a few clicks.
Use cases
Technical Documentation
Provide your global audience with culturally and linguistically adapted instructions to make your content easy to understand in all markets, enhancing accessibility and user satisfaction, and minimizing any potential errors.
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