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Without the right technology and tools, technical linguists can face considerable challenges that jeopardize accuracy, consistency, quality, and cost-efficiency in the content they work on. The use of the right terminology, the right tone, ensuring that it fits into the UI properly, bottlenecks due to offline communication… All of these are obstacles that are commonplace when translating technical documentation and that seriously impact the quality of the content and a company’s goals.

With a Translation Management System (TMS), technical linguists are empowered to translate and localize technical content ensuring its accuracy and quality but also remove any unnecessary delays that can be costly down the line. With the right technology at your disposal, you can ensure that your technical documentation is always translated accurately and on time in all your languages.

Benefits of a TMS in Technical Translation

Accurate Documentation
Enhance clarity, reduce errors, and maintain uniformity with term bases, glossaries, and QA profiles, ensuring the precise conveyance of technical information across languages.
Consistent content
Ensure that your brand voice and tone are consistent throughout your technical documentation in all languages thanks to translation memories, helping you reuse your existing content and save time and money in the process.
Slick multilingual UI
Guarantee an attractive UI in all your languages by seeing how technical translations will fit into it before they are published, minimizing costly delays caused by endless edits. This ensures that the content is easily understandable to all regardless of the language.
Efficient communication
Consolidate all your technical linguists and experts on one platform and eliminate delays caused by offline communication. Manage all your queries from the same place and prevent duplicate efforts.
Faster turnaround times
Streamline the translation process with workflow automation, machine translation, and single-platform communication so that your technical content is translated faster and with higher quality than ever before.
Numerous supported file formats
Leverage a TMS CAT tool to translate a wide range of file formats, removing the need for offline translations and enhancing efficiency and saving time in all your translation activities, no matter what you are translating.

XTM Cloud For Technical Translation

  • Term bases and glossaries

    XTM Cloud offers these essential tools for precise localization. Term bases ensure consistent terminology, and glossaries clarify industry-specific jargon and keywords, which are key in eliminating errors, boosting accuracy, and streamlining the translation process, while also giving you full control over your language assets to update them when needed.

  • Translation Memories and Customizable QA profiles 

    TMs in XTM Cloud allow to reuse existing translated content for enhanced consistency and speed. Its customizable QA checks allow for tailored quality checks to match specific project requirements. This flexibility optimizes translation quality, maintains brand consistency, and ensures specific standards are met.

  • Query Management Module (QMM)

    XTM Cloud’s QMM streamlines project communication among all project stakeholders by leveraging the chat functionality where they can all communicate in real-time, removing the need for offline communication which often ends up causing bottlenecks and delays.

  • AI-powered auto-inserted inline tags

    Gone are the days when placing inline tags in a translation took longer than the translation itself. XTM Cloud’s AI features automatically recognize and place these tags in the right place in the translation with 98% effectiveness, allowing translators to focus on what really matters.

  • DITA integrations

    XTM Cloud’s connector supports DITA structured content standard for XML files, removing the need to upload multiple small files and therefore enhancing organizational efficiency and translation speed.


Some of our customers have reported the following results after using XTM Cloud


Increase in translation quality


Reduction of external vendor costs


Decrease in time-to-market

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Rocío Gray
Rocío Gray

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Rocío Gray

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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Localization

Have a read-through of our most frequently asked website localization questions. If you’d like to talk to someone, contact us here.

Localization adapts content to a specific cultural or linguistic context. In technical translation, it’s crucial for ensuring clarity, accuracy, and user-friendliness, making complex information accessible to diverse global audiences while preserving quality and consistency.

Localization technology improves content accuracy through translation memories for consistency, machine translation for efficiency, terminology management and quality assurance tools for accuracy, and automated workflows for speed. These elements reduce errors, save time, and ensure precise, culturally appropriate content in every language.

A TMS streamlines the translation of technical content by providing a centralized platform for project management, collaboration, terminology control, and quality assurance. It ensures consistent, precise, and efficient translations, enhancing overall quality and accuracy.

A TMS fosters communication among technical linguists through a centralized platform. It provides access to project guidelines, terminology, and reference materials, ensuring clear collaboration, issue resolution, and a consistent understanding of project requirements for high-quality translations. Some also have chat features that allow for real-time communication and fewer delays.

A TMS supports DITA files by importing, segmenting, and managing them for efficient translation. It preserves DITA’s structured content, aiding linguists in maintaining consistency, accuracy, and proper formatting while translating technical documentation.

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