User roles

Give users roles that reflect their responsiblity in the localization and translation management process.

  • Create and edit PMs and Administrators
  • Configure XTM
  • Manage XTM Cloud subscription
Project manager
  • Create and edit other PMs
  • Create and edit linguists
  • Create customers
  • Manage projects
  • Create terminology
  • Import terminology
  • Export terminology
  • Translate texts
  • Review content in-context
  • Assess translation quality
TM Expert
  • Create translation memory
  • Import translation memory
  • Export translation memory

Direct outsourcing to language vendors

XTM seamlessly connects translation buyers with vendors. By establishing a contractor – subcontractor connection in XTM, enterprises can outsource localization to language service providers. At the same time, the buyers can monitor the translation progress, estimate translation costs and stay in communication.

  • Share licenses with a subcontractor
  • Assign LSP to workflows
  • Monitor translation progress
  • Translate assigned tasks even without a license
  • Specify internal workflow for the project
  • Allocate the work to internal or external users

Cost estimates with transparent rate cards

XTM rate cards make it easy to estimate localization costs, calculate a project's budget or choose the most cost-effective language vendor.

  • Language combinations

    Create rate cards individually for each language combination

    Language combinations
  • Base rate

    Specify a base rate that will be used to calculate rates for different match types

    Base rate
  • Workflow steps

    Set different rates for each workflow step

    Workflow steps

Data driven vendor selection

Vendor selection can be easier than you think, when you take several factors into account. You can check all of them in XTM.

  • Specialization

    Make sure that highly specialized content is translated by subject matter experts.

  • Quality

    Select only the linguists that consistently deliver prime quality translations.

  • Punctuality

    Avoid translation providers who frequently fall behind schedule.

  • Price

    When you have narrowed down the selection, compare vendor cost estimates to inform your decision making.