AI in Localization: Finding Value in the Spaces in Between

XTM Academy

Rafał Jaworski

Presenter Rafał Jaworski

Language English

Target audienceAll

Many of our attendees from last month’s panel discussion on AI in 2022 have requested more insight into Inter-Language Vector Space (ILVS). The most significant language technology breakthrough since NLP. We now invite you back for an exclusive interview with Dr. Rafał Jaworski, who is leading the XTM AI team. Find out what exactly is ILVS, how users are already benefiting from it, and where it will take localization. Attendees will also benefit from being the first to receive our upcoming ILVS whitepaper.

February 24 3:00 am GMT

Webinar highlights

  • What is ILVS
  • How does ILVS deliver greater speed, accuracy, economy, and quality
  • Where is it already used
  • What should we expect in 2022



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