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Breaking Global Barriers: Localization for High-Growth Enterprises

Recorded live on December 14 at 4:00 pm CET / 16:00 pm EST
Antoine Rey
Antoine Rey SVP, Customer Development at Argos Multilingual
Aleix Gwilliam
Aleix Gwilliam Demand Generation Specialist, XTM

In this webinar, join Antoine Rey (Argos Multilingual) to find out how an effective localization strategy enables enterprises to go global more quickly and successfully, and what that looks like. Discover how adopting advanced localization technology can help enterprises drive up brand awareness and image in new and existing markets, and how to craft a strategy that enables you to produce multilingual product content of the highest quality without incurring unnecessary delays in product launches.

You will learn...

> How to create quality multilingual content for your product without delays

> Ways to drive up brand image and awareness in your global markets

> How to craft a successful global strategy by using the right technology

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More about the speakers

Antoine Rey, senior vice president, customer development at Argos Multilingual, started his career in localization in 1997 and has held various technical, sales, and management roles in the industry. His main area of focus is to consult, develop, and implement mature operational and business globalization models with clients across various industries. Antoine is a French native and holds a MS in information technology and a BA in international business and communications. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Antoine Rey

SVP, Customer Development at Argos Multilingual