XTM Connectors – Localization Automation

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Vasilis Moschovos

Presenter Vasilis Moschovos

Language English

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Join us in this webinar to discover the many aspects of XTMs powerful connector automations.

Consistency is key when marketing teams need to have all content and assets localized for its new product launches, and they need to ensure that the right terms are used and are in line with previous content. Sitecore, HubSpot and Adobe InDesign are some of the tools they use to create content, and it needs to be localized as quickly as possible whilst making sure it is high-quality, on-brand and consistent.

Processes can be automated by using connectors, which allow teams to start localization projects directly from their favorite tools, such as those mentioned above. This way, when linguists receive projects in XTM Cloud, they’ll be able to use TMs and terminology leveraging existing matches and the right terms.

The result is that all localized assets will be available from the platform used, ensuring that the global product is a success thanks to the localization process being ready on time – which is why XTM is the best tool for this job.

August 18 3:00 pm EDT

Webinar highlights

  • Holistic approach of l10n requirements
  • XTM automation capabilities
  • Multiple CMSs/PIMs, one TMS
  • Powerful connectivity



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