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Driving Better Software Translation with Visual Context

Recorded live on February 20 at 5:00 pm CET
Henk Boxma
Henk Boxma VP of Product Strategy
Melissa Lorraine Product Marketing Manager

Looking for a faster and more accurate way to translate your software or app?

By providing dynamic visual previews of your software UI, your translators, reviewers, and developers will be able to see every translation in context easily and deliver accurate translations in less time. 

During this session, join Henk Boxma, XTM VP of Product Strategy and former CEO of, and find out how to:

👁️ Reduce translation errors by 50% by providing linguists with the context they need without any development effort needed.
Anticipate up to a 70% decrease in translator inquiries and up to a 90% reduction in the effort needed from your development team to facilitate translation support.
Save up to 95% of the time by effortlessly generating multilingual screenshots when translating documentation compared to manual methods without context.

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