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Faster Localization for Manufacturing Companies

Recorded live on September 20 at 4:00 pm CEST / 16:00 pm EDT
Ron Egle
Content Systems Administrator at Ariel Corporation Ron Egle
Dave Ruane
Partnerships Director Dave Ruane

Learn why localization is key for manufacturing companies to go global more quickly, and what technology you need to have to achieve that. Find out what industry-wide pain points can be solved through localization, which tool really makes the difference in achieving goals more quickly, and what benefits can successful localization bring to manufacturing companies.

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Ron Egle is the Content Systems Administrator at Ariel Corporation, headquartered in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He is responsible for identifying workable solutions and maximizing results across the enterprise with touchpoints to enhance the company’s communications, technical documentation, and translation initiatives through digital experiences.

Ron Egle

Content Systems Administrator at Ariel Corporation