Get in the Zone: How a TMS Can Find the Balance

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John Weisgerber

Presenter John Weisgerber

Language English

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A next-level enterprise translation management system can’t just answer some of your questions. It has to be flexible enough to support all types of content and all types of workflow. At XTM LIVEStream, Sara Basile, John Weisgerber and Rafal Jaworski shared their thoughts. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Over 50 LIVEStream attendees have asked for a follow-up Q&A and many more localization professionals who were unable to attend have also asked for an encore. On December 20th at 4:30 pm CET, we’re offering you another chance to see the session recording, and ask our expert speakers your questions.

Join us on December 20th and together we’ll find the Goldilocks Zone.

December 20 4:30 pm CET

Webinar highlights

  • How can a language technology provider help deliver a balance between:
  • Artificial intelligence and human ingenuity?
  • LSP needs and end user needs?
  • The power of a connected network and the power of centralized information?



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