How a Smart Approach to Content Management Can Help You Truly Go Global

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John Weisgerber

Presenter John Weisgerber

Language English

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The power and persuasiveness of a message can win trust and lasting success in all corners of the world. What can a content management system and a translation management system do to drive that success? And how potent a combination can content management and translation management be when two systems are fully aligned?

On October 28 Crownpeak and XTM International will explore ways in which content creation and distribution can be made as efficient and impactful as possible. When it comes to global communication, one size definitely does not fit all. Supporting multiple brands and multiple websites in multiple languages requires innovation, flexibility and focus. Crownpeak’s headless CMS delivers all three. What value does that add, and how?

Clients are entitled to a digital experience that engages and inspires, and Crownpeak’s digital experience platform offers precisely that. Advanced application of artificial intelligence enables content management at the speed of thought. Join Crownpeak and XTM to explore life in the content fast lane.

October 28 11:00 am EST

Webinar highlights

  • Communication with a purpose
  • Communication with an outcome
  • Communication with a global reach
  • Are you ready to go global?



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