How to leverage localization technology to reach your global audiences

XTM Academy

Andreas Ljungström

Presenter Andreas Ljungström

Language English

Target audienceAll

A recent article from Forbes highlighted that during periods of economic uncertainty, effectively entering stable and emerging markets is a highly strategic and perhaps the safest path toward increased sales. What better way to enter new markets than with a robust and scalable localization strategy?

In this webinar, we’ll build on topics discussed in our recent panel discussion and showcase how the right localization technology will enable global growth. Andreas Ljungström, Xperts Team Manager at XTM, will demonstrate how you can save time, reduce costs, increase content launch speed and quality, and gain instant visibility into areas of inefficiency. Achieving success in each of these areas is critical during times of uncertainty, so register today to save your seat.

March 16 3:00 pm CET

Webinar highlights

  • How XTM can save you time and money
  • How XTM can increase content launch speeds
  • How XTM can give you instant visibility to inefficiencies



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