MT Hacks for Gaming Localization: Lessons From The Pros

XTM Academy

John Weisgerber

Presenter John Weisgerber

Language English

Target audienceAdmin, Enterprises, LM, LSP, PM

Systran presenter is Philip Staiger, Technical Account Manager

This webinar is the second part of a 3-part series, presented by SYSTRAN and XTM, that showcases the cutting-edge AI and automation tools available that make localizing all types of gaming content less costly, higher quality, and done quicker.

In this webinar, the experts at SYSTRAN and XTM will present a technical deep-dive on the process translation for game content. You’ll learn how to save time and money on rush projects by quickly pre-translating new segments that were not yet matched by your existing TM. We’ll show how to achieve consistency and in-context relevance with customized vocabulary dictionaries and how Tags will speed-up the process without compromising textual components in a way that the finished localized game would feel natural in the new target language. The Pure Neural MT integration based on the latest AI framework and the enterprise-level translation management system, allows for improved translation quality and team collaboration in one location.

September 18 4:00 pm EDT

Webinar highlights

  • Terminology management/transfer to Systran
  • Game strings translation in XTM with added context and accelerated by MT
  • audio transcription in Systran with pre-processing step by XTM or Systran



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