RegEx and Filter templates in XTM Cloud v12.7

XTM Academy

Andreas Ljungström

Presenter Andreas Ljungström

Language English

Target audienceAll

RegEx and Filter templates can notably improve your QA. This webinar will show you how to set up filters to improve delivery turnaround time and make you a self-sufficient problem solver.

June 15 3:00 pm CEST

Webinar highlights

  • RegEx for admins: defining useful regular expressions for various QA purposes
  • Using RegEx in QA – Using RegEx in text searches
  • Hands-on examples and use cases
  • Building Excel filters in XTM:
    • Defining custom Excel parsing rules for monolingual Excel
    • Defining Excel parser rules for multilingual Excel outputs
    • Defining bilingual parsers for pre-translated Excel files for review



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