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Scaling content operations seamlessly: How to drive your enterprise’s growth with adaptive content technology?

Recorded live on June 28 at 3:00 pm BST
Mike Stock Sr. Director of Global Partnerships
Dave Ruane Partnerships Director
Lauren Johnston Manager Strategic Partnerships at XTM

Watch our webinar with Mike Stock, Sr. Director of Global Partnerships at Heretto, Dave Ruane, Director of Marketing at XTM, and Lauren Johnston, Strategic Partners Manager at XTM, to learn how adaptive content technology can drive your enterprise’s growth. We talk specifically about how to recognise when you should make decisions in the content operations world. What are the inflection and tipping point signals of when to consider a CCMS, when to consider a TMS, and when it is too early and too late to do so for different organization types and sizes. We also cover how to overcome scaling challenges, and how to ensure flexibility in your technology stack while leveraging automation and AI. Finally, we will talk about how the benefits of DITA still exist in this work for content reuse and scalability.

Don’t miss this a fast-paced conversation, packed with insights from 2 well-versed and passionate experts on this topic.

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More about the speakers

Mike Stock is Sr. Director of Global Partnerships at Heretto. Mike helps build global strategic partnerships with companies, and is passionate about using better technical content operations to delivery enterprise scale customer experience and success.

Mike Stock

Sr. Director of Global Partnerships, Heretto

Dave is responsible for building marketing, content and partner growth strategies at XTM.

Dave Ruane

Partnerships Director, XTM